29 June 2015

moving forward.

hi everyone!  i've been putting some thought into the future of this blog lately.  i haven't felt that i have had much to say in my words or in the reflection of the outfits i've been wearing... and when one reaches that point doesn't it make the most sense to close up shop because really, what is the point?  but that's a scary decision to make because it seems so final.  what if people immediately remove me from their blog readers or forget who i am if i continue to comment on their posts?  what if i feel i do have something to say one or three months down the line?  what if i want to show you guys the new haircut i'm getting next week?!

it's hard when blogs you follow reach the point where they need to step back too.  it's hard when your reader gets slimmer and slimmer and you lose that connection with people you became friends with or people whose outfits you were inspired by.  but i think it's a step i finally need to take - it's been a long time coming.  i just don't think i'm cut out for blogging.  sure, i have a nice DSLR camera but the quality of my pictures has never been all that great, i've never been able to stick to an editorial calendar or series of posts that make a comprehensive blog, and i don't think i have ever really found my "voice" on this blog.  what i feel my blog has had going for it is that what you see is what you get - what i post is absolutely what i wore to work that day, down to holes in tights and hideous blazers.

as i've been thinking about all of this i've been reflecting on the state of my closet too.  i've asked myself questions such as, do i truly shop for myself?  will i dress the same if i don't have a blog to "show off" that latest thrifted find or deal at j crew factory?  will it matter to me if i don't have an outlet to receive validation/compliments on what i'm wearing?  will i still maintain the same shopping patterns or will i see that decrease?  and i've decided that with the way i've answered these questions in my mind, i feel alright about stepping back from this blog.

it is an engrained habit to take pictures of what i wore to work when i get home and i'm proud that i've maintained that over the past 4 years, only missing maybe 3-4 days, in addition to a year before i started this blog to see if i could do it.  i've always felt that was a unique aspect to my blog as i haven't come across any others that maintain a similar log of what they wear every single day (if you're wondering, those links are underneath my header: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015).  it will be hard to turn away from what's become a habit and routine so i'm going to try to keep up with that and at least just post once a week showing what i wore the previous week like i used to do in my week in review posts and we'll see from there how i feel about determining an "end date" for the blog. 

so here's what i wore last week!  thanks for reading (if you got through all that) and your support!

{click to enlarge}

monday: thrifted j crew watercolor skirt {similar} / j crew factory textured grid shirt {exact} / restricted 'slice it' wedges {similar} / groopdealz necklace {similar}
tuesday: j crew factory ruffle chiffon dot top {exact} / merona slacks {similar} / j crew factory scarf {similar} / fergalicious 'irene' pumps {similar}
wednesday: j crew factory scalloped lace top {similar} / ann taylor signature sateen pants {exact} / merona 'maye' pumps {similar} / thrifted necklace {similar}
thursday: j crew factory clare pullover {similar} / merona barely boot-cut pants {exact} / predictions 'karmen' heels {exact} / target necklace {similar}
friday: j crew factory blouse {exact on thredup} / mossimo straight-leg jeans {exact} / c label 'sherry' flats {similar}

have a great week!

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