05 August 2011

friday (finally)

old navy printed blouse   gap cardigan {thrifted}   target studded belt {thrifted new} 
isaac mizrahi for target pencil skirt {thrifted}   mossimo nude ruffle flats   that aerie necklace again

you guys, welcome to my very favorite spot in saint paul.  it's fitting that the first picture for l&s was taken here.  i used to only come here every couple months to sit on a bench and read, but now i think it needs to be my friday ritual.  what better place to decompress after the end of a workweek rather than rushing through traffic just to get home?  i certainly needed that after my afternoon today.  it's such a unique little spot at the edge of downtown that i just LOVE.  do you have any spots like this in your city?  i'm so happy to share mine with you!

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