09 August 2011

tuesday (coordinated)

merona cecila skirt    merona artist light cardigan {thrifted target stock}
loeffler randall for target flats    forever21 belt {thrifted target stock}

i found this gem of a skirt in the clearance racks at target yesterday and couldn't wait to wear it right away today. the colors are so appealing!  wearing it with this cardigan might have been a too obvious choice to make, but i do like to coordinate.

i love merona skirts form target. i really think they rival some of the more expensive stores out there.  the patterns are always fun but work appropriate, the cut is classic, and they're lined. i have a handful already and snatch ones up like this whenever the price is right (or i find them new at the goodwill!). this is another one that i'm keeping my eye on!

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