07 August 2011

weekend (part two)

this weekend i scored some maxed out clearance jewelry at kohl's, snuggled with a silly cat on the couch, passed up this dress at goodwill for $1.99 {trying not to regret it}, and watched new york, i love you.  my attention kind of waned once the stories started to blur together--has anyone seen it? 

okay, all that laziness aside.  what i am most want to share from my weekend is this:  somehow the sandwich stars aligned and my sister and i had a sub from jimmy johns, milio's, and erbert & gerberts friday, saturday, and sunday {respectively}. of course i ordered my favorite, turkey & avocado, at each one to keep it a controlled trial.  did you know that the founders of those three sandwich shops are all cousins?  obviously we had to compare the three in order to name a champion.  i definitely came out of this weekend with a favorite.  i hope someone else out there loves sandwiches as much as i do. please let me know so i don't feel so silly sharing this long story about eating the same {but slightly different} sandwich three days in a row.

alright, back to getting dressed & showing you what i wear tomorrow!

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