13 August 2011

weekend (winter shoes)

i know we're still in the middle of the summer, and i sincerely hope that i can enjoy the next three months without thinking too much about the impending winter weather, but i am aware that i am going to need some footwear to get me through it.  last year i really struggled with appropriate footwear for the office & the conditions outside.  many times i would drive to work in fake ugg boots and socks and change to heels at my desk.  i'm thinking of alternatives to that this year though, such as:

left: bc footwear limelight ankle boot / right: blowfish blyth ankle boot
(photos from amazon.com)

the wedge ankle boot!  it hit me that i need a shoe with some height so they work well with dress slacks, something without a precarious heel that would cause falls on icy & slippery sidewalks and parking lots, and a shoe that i could wear socks with for extra warmth  i think the blowfish wedges would look pretty cute with skirts & tights, too.  i'm coming up on my fourth winter in minnesota and i'm so glad i've finally discovered a shoe that might just get me through it!


i also have these mossimo "kena" riding boots hanging out in my virtual shopping cart at target.com. i have tall gray boots and tall camel colored boots and definitely need a black pair to round out the bunch this winter.  they also come in a lovely cognac color i saw in person at a target store this weekend.  i don't care for a lot of embellishments/straps/buckles/etc on my boots, so i think this simple and clean pair would be perfect.  now i just have to wait patiently for a sale!

what about you guys?  what footwear do you wear in the winter to get you from house to office?  does anyone have any tips for appropriate footwear to wear during the winter, especially those who work in an office or school?  or am i the only crazy person thinking about winter already?!

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