09 September 2011

friday (paisley)

j crew pilar paisley cami {thrifted}   gap coral cardigan {thrifted}
gap slacks   old navy bow belt   mossimo veronica heels

this cute blouse was another one of my finds at the goodwill this past weekend.  i'm always looking for solid colored blouses with some sort of visual interest or patterned ones that i can wear underneath cardigans, so i'm so glad i spotted this one!  a lot of people comment on my thrifted finds but honestly, i don't know how to explain it.  there are 3-4 goodwills that i rotate around each weekend that are closest to my house.  some days i have a pile to try on in the dressing room and sometimes i'm in & out of the store in twenty minutes.  i never know what i might find, but when i find gems like this blouse it's really exciting - i love that i can add to my wardrobe in a cost-efficient way (this blouse was $3.50!) and by supporting such a great organization. 
do any of you guys shop at the goodwill as much as i do?  what are they like in your area? 

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