12 September 2011

monday (pained)

merona watercolor blouse {thrifted}   semantiks cotton shine skirt {thrifted}
merona snakeskin belt {thrifted target stock}   mossimo veronica heels 
i think this will be the last time i will have bare arms & bare legs for the rest of the year and that is just fine by me!  this will also be the last time i wear these heels, as my coworkers and i decided to take a walk after lunch... i thought it would be a quick jaunt around the block but instead  it lasted 2.1 miles (i tracked it in google maps to check).  and yes, these are the shoes i wore for all 2.1 miles and they are now pretty much toast (as are my feet).  the little end of the high heel part wore completely down & broke off at some point.  i think i'd be a little more bummed out if these were a newer or nicer pair of shoes.  instead they will be relegated to the back of my closet until i decide what to do with them... and i will be bringing a pair of flats to keep under my desk for any future walks!

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