31 October 2011

monday (halloweeny)

handmade (by me) skirt   gap mesh panel cardigan {thrifted new}
merona leather belt {thrifted new}   old navy sliver wedge boots
i don't often participate in dressing in any given holiday's signature colors, but i just had to wear this skirt today.  halloween is my least favorite holiday (i'll be honest, i'm a real grinch about it), but i figured i could at least embrace the beauty of fall that we're still experiencing here in the midwest, and this skirt definitely screams "FALL!" to me.  my coworkers must think every time i wear a new skirt to work that it's one i've made, but i'm okay with that.  they're right.  one asked what number i'm up to now, so i had to count when i got home... i'm up to 10.  i've become a sewing machine!
since i've proclaimed my love for making skirts so loudly, i've decided that i will give one away to one of my readers once i reach 35 followers.  hopefully that won't take too long since i'm only a few readers away, so if anyone doesn't follow publicly through GFC, please do!  i'd love to give back to those who take an interest in this silly blog and share some of my creativity and new interest with others.  thanks again to everyone who drops by or leaves a comment!  have a happy (?) halloween!

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