04 October 2011

tuesday (loser)

gap cardigan {thrifted}   j crew daphne blouse   target necklace
merona doubleweave pants {thrifted target stock}   mossimo odell flats

i was thinking that this outfit isn't much of a winner, and the opposite of a winner is a loser, right?  well, maybe i shouldn't be too hard on myself!  i was really dreading the progression of this day when i woke up this morning and that translated into the little energy i put into this outfit today.  i had an early morning meeting at 8am to present a case review of one of my clients that i didn't feel prepared for (it ended up being okay and i got great feedback of how to continue working with this individual).  then i had to teach a 2.5 hour long class on healthy eating (not really relevant to my field, but i've committed to doing it and it doesn't end for three more weeks).  next i had to sit in on a webinar and then go straight to a care conference at a nursing home.  despite how busy a career as a social worker can be, i don't often have days like this where i literally go from meeting to the next, so it was a little draining.  

i dropped by old navy on my way home (i haven't been to the mall in SO long) to look for this top, but it wasn't in the clearance section so i'll place an order online for it today while the 30% across all gap brands is still in effect.  i'm already putting a dent into my clothing budget for the month and it's only the first week of october! 

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