13 November 2011

sunday (challenged: striped sweater)


old navy striped sweater {temporarily swapped}   old navy button-down
old navy diva skinny jeans   target necklace {thrifted new}   american eagle myles riding boots

this week my friend whitney from between the lines and i will be participating in a challenge to style some of each other's clothes that we get stuck wearing the same way over & over.  last week we each sent each other 5-7 items to style throughout this week.  when i got whitney's box, i squealed.  i mean, talk about excitement when you get a box of goodies to play with the entire week.  the first thing i did was stalk her blog to see how she wore the items she sent me and then try to get a rough idea of how i might work parts of her wardrobe into my week.  thankfully, we both have careers where we dress with a business casual mindset and we both love skirts & cardigans.  in fact, we might dress too much alike as it is because i sent her a blouse of mine to style this week that she already owns!  sorry whitney!

so, i couldn't find a picture of whitney wearing this sweater and it was one that kind of stumped me the most.  you may have noticed that i don't own anything striped in my wardrobe!  so, i'm starting the week off by getting out of my comfort zone right away and styling this cute striped sweater whitney sent me.  it's also nice to show how i style something more casually on the weekend as well.  so, for my first striped item how did i do?  i think i decided that i definitely need some stripes in my wardrobe!

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