09 November 2011

wednesday (paisley)


coldwater creek turtleneck sweater {thrifted}  handmade (by me) skirt
forever 21 textured belt & quail egg bracelet   old navy sueded desert wedges
i'm not sure about this outfit you guys.  i don't think i received too many awkward stares from people today so i guess no one thought twice about my mixing gray & brown, these crazy wedge booties, or my paisley skirt (which might actually be the favorite fabric to date that i've scored), so i'm glad for that.  i had to go into old navy yesterday to use my 30% off friends & family coupon before it expired, and there was a nice display of these booties in the clearance section for $16.99.  with the discount, they came to just over $11.  i can definitely get behind that!!  as for the rest of old navy, there was absolutely nothing that caught my eye.  that store is so hit & miss for me and i feel like their prices have really increased since i worked there a couple years ago, so you might as well wait for a great sale anyway.
speaking of handmade skirts, be sure to enter my giveaway to win one!

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