07 December 2011

a mid-week share

this is my fifth winter living in minnesota... i can hardly believe it.  i came here from georgia, where any speck of snow shut down the state.  it was different getting used to an actual winter and everything that comes along with it... including snow!  i'd like to think that i've done a pretty good job acclimating, but last winter was so harsh that i felt that i never truly enjoyed it.  on sunday i made it a point to take a snowy walk to enjoy the four inches that fell last saturday evening. okay, the purpose of my walk was to check the road condition outside my apartment complex and on the nearby freeway and to find a potential sledding hill {i got a sled for my birthday last month!}, but it was really enjoyable.

if you live in a snowy climate too, have you found anything that you really enjoy doing during the winter?

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