21 December 2011

wednesday (wrapped)

merona wrap dress {thrifted}   mossimo ultrasoft cardigan
target belt {thrifted target stock}   american eagle myles riding boots

this is what i wore to work on saturday.  i had to put in some hours and get a few things done since i am on vacation this week.  late last week, i was going through a spreadsheet where i track the clothing & accessories i purchase and realized that i hadn't work this dress yet - i picked it up at the goodwill in april!  i was drawn to the print and wrap style, and even though it felt a little too short i thought i could deal with it.  well, not unless i'm wearing tights and tall boots, apparently, so i had to wait until winter.  plus, i'll admit it... it got lost in that dark side of my closet where all my dresses hang.  the length isn't that bad now that i'm looking at it (and boy, i thought that cardigan matched better!), but i might still turn it into a skirt.

do you track your purchases & spending throughout the year?  it's been an enlightening process for me, i hope to share some of my learnings later this week if i can find a way to consolidate them.  have a good one!

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