22 January 2012

sunday (taking a break)

i wish i could say i've spent all weekend sewing up a storm, but i hit a roadblock with the two projects i tried to start, a blouse and a pleated skirt with a waistband.  unfortunately, i'm finding that patterns just aren't written with the detail & instruction that i need as a very new sewer.... and my youtube searching skills must be rusty, because i can't find many tutorials online to help me through the steps.  so, instead of frustrating myself even further i'm going to set my projects aside for today.  maybe i'll whip up one of my signature skirts just so i can feel as though i accomplished something this weekend!

since my mom is over a thousand miles away and can't walk me through all of the projects i dream up, i'm thinking that i might sign up for a sewing class at joann's.  does anyone have any other tips or suggestions about how i can better my sewing skills?  is there any resource or website that has been particularly helpful for you?

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