17 January 2012

tuesday (springy)


old navy sheer chiffon blouse   merona cardigan {thrifted target stock}
handmade (by me) skirt   old navy sliver wedge boots
merona leather belt {thrifted target stock}  charming charlie necklace {gift}

i'm glad this outfit held up for me throughout a really long day.  i think the bright colors helped!  thankfully i was able to take a break during the middle of it, and i popped in a goodwill that i used to frequent weekly (and often times more than once a week!) a couple years ago.  i spent most of my time in the blazer section, as that's not an area i ever really browse.  i'm glad i did though, because i came away with a cute fitted navy blazer for $1.49 (the colored tag of the week is always $1.49 on tuesdays!).  i also saw a cute magenta & teal hounds tooth pendleton blazer, and though i wouldn't know anything about that brand if i didn't follow other blogs, i get the sense that it's a high end brand?  someone out there can educate me.  too bad it was the wrong color tag or i might have tried it on!  have a good evening!

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