11 January 2012

wednesday (untucked)

gap plaid ruffle placket shirt {thrifted}   mossimo cardigan {thrifted}
banana republic paper bag skirt {thrifted}   banana republic tiona heels {thrifted}
another entirely thrifted outfit, i love it.  and total cost of this outfit was $10.47, is that crazy or what!  thank you, goodwill.  i really liked the idea of this skirt when i found it at the GW but wasn't sure what to pair with it since it's a paper bag style skirt.  tuck or not to tuck, that was the question.   then i decided that for as much as i eschew trends & fashion rules, i just needed to wear it already {it's been hanging in my closet since august}.  i love the dark gray against the magenta and the nice matchyness factor with those great BR heels i can't stop yapping about {they were $1.49!}.  but midway through the day i was questioning again the tuck factor and decided to take a picture of both options when i got home when i got home... and when i put the two pictures side by side i see such a huge difference.  don't you?  the picture on the left looks put together & professional but still a little bit fun.  the picture on the right seems a little sloppy and missing something.  can you guess what way i looked the entire day?  the picture on the right.  i'm glad that i have this hobby & format to help me take an honest look at how i appear & how i feel... and maybe do something a little bit different the next time... next time i will definitely tuck!

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