03 February 2012

friday (mixed)


merona balson dress {thrifted target stock}   super old mossimo button-up
old navy cardigan   forever 21 belt   missoni for target suede pumps {thrifted target stock} 
really, why can't brown & black can't be worn together?  think about how often it occurs in nature, like with animal prints.  i loved the black & tab mixed together in this outfit (even if it looks stretched out and wrinkled by the end of the day!).  in fact, i think i am going to have a hard time not wearing some shade of black & tan together whenever i wear these heels, but i think the light blue button-down was a nice addition.  here's to welcoming in the weekend with my most jazzed outfit this week... i love it.  i'll post my weekly recap tonight or tomorrow.  happy friday!

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