15 April 2012

sunday (coupons)

{image from target.com}
it is again time for me to profess my love for target coupons and share some good apparel ones that popped up this morning!  i am really excited about the accessory coupon, as the majority of my jewelry comes from the clearance section at target and now there's a coupon for even more savings.  there is always tons of clearance jewelry and belts at my target, so this is a great coupon!  there are also basic merona & mossimo tanks on sale for $6 this week, so only $3 after using one of the above coupons - i know i can always use basic solid colored shells to wear underneath cardigans or to match with different prints in skirts.

don't forget to look though the rest of the coupons on the target site if you do any shopping at all there (who doesn't!).  these target coupons can always be paired with a manufacturer coupon for even greater savings.  let me know if you come away with any good deals!

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