20 April 2012


merona dora dress {thrifted target stock}   mossimo cocoon cardigan {thrifted}
lela rose for payless madison heels

i thought about prefacing this post by apologizing for wearing this outfit before, but you know what... i'm not sure that anyone reading this would have known that i have!  i'm a pretty perceptive person but week after week, i can't remember what my coworker who i share an office with wears and i highly doubt that people who look at pictures of me on the internet really remember what i wear either.  isn't that weird, when all of us are so into personal style & following others' whose personal style influences our own?  or maybe i'm totally off.  either way, welcome to my life where i really love pairing this denim-like dress with  maroon and these heels, which were a smashing hit everywhere i went today.  i really think we all need fabulous heels in our closets and i find a lot of great pairs at payless!  i'm thinking about ordering these two pairs since there's a BOGO going on  right now and i found another coupon code online... i'd prefer the navy pair that also come in yellow, but my size isn't available.  decisions, decisions... feel free to weigh in!

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