24 April 2012

tuesday (sunset)


mossimo capris   old navy cardigan   remnant turned scarf {fabric here
merona perfect summer tank   mossimo odell nude ruffle flats

i've started paying more attention to the remnant bins at joann's whenever i pop in to browse for fabric.  sometimes you can get some good deals!  for example, if the remnant fabric is still on the store floor and is also on sale, you get the yardage of the remnant for that sale price in addition to the 50% remnants are always marked down to.  i used to avoid the remnants because i didn't quite understand how the price was figured or if it was really a good deal, but it sure can be!  this batik remnant was 2/3 of a yard, and at regular price that would have been $6.66.  to me, that's expensive - for not even a yard of fabric!  but because it was a remnant and was automatically 50% off, the fabric itself was on sale, and i had another 20% off my total purchase coupon, it came to $1.86.  a fun, printed scarf for less than $2?  now that is my type of price point!

turning a scrap piece of fabric or remnant into a scarf is such an easy project, too.  the length wasn't long enough to work as a scarf on its own, so i tore it in half horizontally and sewed those two pieces together to create one long strip.  i hemmed the long sides and that was seriously it.  hopefully it will soften up in the wash a little... and i will definitely be scouring the remnant bin from now on for more remnants i can turn into scarves or belts or sashes... actually, i should look through my fabric stash first!  thanks for dropping by!

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