21 May 2012


old navy cocoon cardigan   merona slacks {thrifted target stock}  
target belt {thrifted target stock}   lela rose for payless madison pumps
every day at my workplace there is a morning meeting to share updates or education related to our senior housing campus, staff birthdays/anniversaries, a verse, and we close in a prayer for the day.  almost every day it seems like the employees who attend have all received a memo to wear a certain color or print and we all have a chuckle about it.  i guess we need something to comment on or talk about at 8:15 in the morning and it is always the color of clothes we are wearing.  at least it's not usually about the weather!  isn't small talk about the weather the worst?  today a few people who were wearing dark colors/black all ended up sitting on one side of the conference table and other employees in more colorful tops and shirts had congregated towards the other end of the conference table.  whenever someone new walked in the room to join the gathering, someone would jokingly point them towards the right side of the table where they should sit based on what color they were wearing.  GUESS WHAT SIDE OF THE TABLE I WAS SITTING AT!  the boring, dark, drab colored side.  even if i put together outfits to wear over the weekend, monday always seems to roll around and zap my creativity and whatever outfit i picked out just doesn't look or feel right, so i default to repeating an outfit that worked in the past or i throw something on just to make do so i can head out the door.  so yes, i admit that this is a pretty drab and boring outfit today (and i've worn it before - i can't think of any other way to wear this sweater).  hopefully i can sit at the colorful end of the table tomorrow!

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