15 May 2012



mossimo blouse & slacks & shooties {all thrifted target stock}
inpink orange & beige beaded necklace
whoa, hey mossimo.  sometimes when an outfit comes together you don't even realize that all the pieces are of the same brand.  i love this little flutter sleeve top that will be perfect this summer.  i'd been eying it at target {it's now on clearance} but found it at the goodwill last month instead, only missing the little ribbon around the waist.  for a fraction of the price, i was okay not having that little ribbon!  i wore these slacks last monday and am already pulling them out again - i love the dark denim-like fabric but that the straight line cut makes them appropriate for work.  and can you believe i am not wearing a belt today?  i feel like i always wear a statement necklace and a belt in every outfit and i've started to feel incomplete if i leave one of those items out of the equation, but i think these pants stand up fine on their own. 

thanks for dropping by - and thanks to appgirl at musings on the mountain for being my 75th follower through GFC, i think it is pretty awesome (and unbelievable at times), that you guys support this blog so much.  thank you!

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