23 May 2012


merona essential cardigan {thrifted target stock}   handmade (by me) skirt
forever 21 belt   rockport ashika knot flats {won in giveaway}

i can't believe that i haven't paired this skirt with my yellow belt yet.  i received these shoes in the mail a couple weeks ago from a giveaway win and i figured i would go all out with the yellow accents.  after throwing on a staple cardigan, i was ready to go.  the hardest decision i had was to tuck or not to tuck.  it probably didn't matter too much what i looked like today as i sat behind a computer in a training room for three hours going through two computer trainings for my company.  i honestly didn't think that i had that much computer-related literacy to learn but i did come away with a couple new tricks for outlook that i am excited (really!) to test out.  thanks for visiting!

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