12 May 2012

week in review

i thought i'd post this week's "week in review" post since i haven't been posting much lately.  i'm still in a little bit of a rut.  i took the day off of work yesterday for a much needed mental health day.  my caseload has been catching up with me and i've allowed to internalize more issues & concerns related to my clients than is appropriate, leaving me feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and stressed.  social work "no no" #1.  thankfully i can recognize this happening pretty easily and so i'm glad i took a day off yesterday.  here are a few other little pictures of things that have been making me happy lately...

new shoes i can't wait to wear next week: merona mozelle peep toe flats from savers & rockport 
ashika knot tie flats won from a twirly skirts giveaway... i can't stand the cuteness {and my luck!}

 way too many handmade skirts, this isn't even all of them!

 my beautiful fossil stella watch i am so happy to have to replace my old, old fossil 
watch whose battery i got sick of replacing.  i think i'll always be loyal to fossil watches!

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