06 June 2012


j crew chiffon silk blouse {thrifted}   merona cecila skirt   dexter kylie wedges

this is a pretty safe outfit for me.  printed but professional skirt and coordinating, neutral top.  it works every time and leaves me feeling confident when i am meeting with colleagues or just working in my office.  i've come to realize in my working environment that what i feel comfortable in is dictacted by what i see others around me wearing even though we all have different jobs.  i wonder if it's like that in most businesses?  i always feel great in outfits like this though.  yesterday the administrator of the building was wearing a great midi length skirt and 5" peep toe pumps.  then there are other people i see who are dressed way more casually than i am.  so... i think it's okay if i break out the yellow heels or continue to wear fun, printed skirts and not worry so much about looks that i may get!

also, i think that's dirt on my knee from kneeling on the garage floor to look at my bike tire when i got home... is anyone out there a biker?  the air tube is bent and my tire doesn't stay inflated, so i'm not sure what the solution is - one of these days i need to figure that out though before my bike riding days are over.

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