01 August 2012

tuesday {standby}

eddie bauer button-down   merona skirt
merona mari heels   simply vera wang necklace

standby / please standby for more regular posting on this blog.  my parents are in town visiting right now and so my time has been spent cramming in as much time with them and other family members as i can, sewing up a storm with my mom {we have three projects going right now and are taking a trip to a giant fabric store today}, and, oh yes, still going to work.  this outfit is definitely a standby for work - a printed skirt whose colors lend themselves easily to be matched with simple tops in my closet when time is lacking to come up with anything more creative.  i have a feeling this is going to be a long summer - i hope i can find some different combinations of skirts & tops in my closet to keep it interesting!  i hope you all are doing well!

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