29 January 2013

january 29th {slippery}

old navy oxford {almost identical}   ·   j crew cardigan {thrifted}
calvin klein skirt {thrifted}    ·   dexter kylie wedges   ·   inpink necklace

my messy hair aside (sorry!), i really liked this outfit.  it's hard to tell but the skirt, tights, and shoes are all navy.  i like it even more knowing i suffered another massive slip on the ice walking to one of my client's apartment but neither my tights nor my shoes suffered any damage!  the shoes even bounced back after i tromped through snow out of her apartment instead of facing the dangerous, icy sidewalk again.  if that is not a winter-related success, i don't know what is.  oh, well, and also that it doesn't seem to appear as though i have broken or sprained anything.  take that, old man winter!

i hope i am not the only one out there who suffers massively embarrassing and treacherous incidents in the winter!

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