03 March 2013

feb 25-march 1 {week in review}

{week 9}
feb 25-march 1

here is what i wore to work last week!  i love the variety of color and print i wore.  click on the image to see it a little bigger or see all of my weekly work outfits from this year in review here.

i have big plans for the rest of march.  i recently found kate's blog a journey in style and was inspired by her self-imposed challenge for the month of march, "no longer neglected."  she is aiming to wear items that have not seen the light of day in far too long or don't get worn as often as they should.  i've thought about trying something like this myself but i like the idea of a challenge, so i am going to participate with her throughout march.  i'm hoping you guys will help keep me on track!  thanks for visiting!

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