14 March 2013

march 14th {neglected nothing}

old navy boys plaid shirt   ·   merona doubleweave skirt
merona mattie flats {thrifted target stock}

i'm taking a break from no longer neglected today to start wearing some of the new items that i've purchased recently.  i did some ironing last night and felt a little overwhelmed with all of the new or new to me items that are entering my closet.  i seem to always be scrounging for hangers, especially when all of my laundry is done.   i have a sneaking feeling my closet is trying to tell me something...

i've been itching for a plaid shirt for a while in a more masculine print and found this one in the kids department of old navy.  even though there's pulling around the bust i'm willing to deal with it because i love the plaid print so much!  maybe some fashion tape would help.  here are some of my favorite looks lately that inspired me to get some plaid into my closet:  peggy / cee / ginny / m /  there have probably been more, i should start utilizing pinterest i guess to remember what i have been inspired by!

in other news, did everyone hear that google reader is being retired on 07/01/13?  i'm pretty devastated.   what other readers do people use to follow blogs?  it's going to be hard for me to transition to something else but i better start figuring that out now!  bloglovin' i guess?

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