06 March 2013

march 6th {neglected merona}

merona ruffle front dress {thrifted target stock}   ·   nicole miller blazer {thrifted}

today's item that i am proud to say is "no longer neglected" is this purple ruffle dress from merona. here's a breakdown:

last worn: never!

date purchased: august 2012.  that was also the last time i wore this blazer, so it's kind of neglected, too!

reason for purchase:  i had no reason!  the goodwill always gets me with their cheaply priced target stock.  some of the GW's in my area are like mini targets, but that does not mean i have to buy all of the target stock... i need a major intervention.

why neglected:  sometimes merona dresses work for me lengthwise, other times they don't.  i think i had blinders on when i tried this on in the dressing room because it's too short for my comfort to wear with bare legs.  so to the back of the closet it went, and here we are nearly through winter and i am just now wearing it.

verdict:  undecided.  i like the dress, but it seems silly to keep something around that i will only feel comfortable wearing with tights during the winter.  i was also fussing with the neckline and hem all day, which felt like just too much.  feel free to weigh in!

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