01 May 2013

may 1st {lemon zest}

merona cardigan {thrifted target stock}   ·   talbots skirt {thrifted}

we are on day three of marissa's and my pantone-inspired spring color challenge!  as a recap, monday we featured emerald looks and african violet was on tuesday.  even though it's the middle of the week, there is still time to link up!  but today we're talking lemon zest. i have to admit that when we choose this color i knew quite well that i have only two yellow articles of clothing in my closet.  i picked this cardigan up not too long ago though in an attempt to add more yellow to my closet, so it was really the only item i had to wear to come close to lemon zest.

sadly, i wish i were more excited about this outfit.  i think yellow & gray pair great together, but it just felt like it was missing something.  maybe another accent color?  a belt?  how did i not add a belt?!  i'll see what i can come up with the next time i wear this cardigan!

are you wearing lemon zest today?  be sure to head over to the modern austen and add your link!  thanks for participating with us!

check out the emerald post here and african violet post here!

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