28 May 2013

may 28th {we love target skirts!}

merona skirt {ebayed}  ·   old navy crochet lace top
evan picone blazer {thrifted}   ·   steve madden sursey pumps {thrifted}

today is bottom day during the we love target link up whitney and i are hosting this week.  i loved seeing everyone wear their favorite target tops yesterday.  i have long admired this skirt on whitney, so much in fact that we did a clothing swap a couple years ago and she let me have it for a week.  i finally found my own on ebay not too long ago.  the shade of the print can look olive in some light, brown in others, so it really lends itself to be paired with so many different colors.  i chose magenta this time around.  head over to along the lines of style to see how whitney wore her skirt and link up if you're wearing a target skirt today, too!

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