03 May 2013

may 3rd {poppy red}

merona ponte pocket dress {thrited target stock}
isaac mizrahi for target blazer {thrifted}
worthington ankle booties

well... we've reached friday, the final day of the pantone-inspired spring color challenge marissa and i have been hosting all week.  first of all, thank you so much for your interest and participation in our first ever challenge and link up.  it's been really fun interacting with everyone who has commented and linked up at our respective blogs throughout the week.  this may sound corny, so prepare yourself, but i feel like i connected with many of you and found many new blogs to follow -- i hope you can all say the same!

today's color is poppy red, and as evidenced above i'm being a bit liberal with my interpretation of the color.  there are really only two colors that are not prominent in my closet--yellow & red.  with my hair color (i don't even know what color to call my hair) i never thought i could wear, much less looked good, in yellow or red.  the same could be said for orange, but for some reason it's been creeping into my wardrobe lately, and at least it's on the continuum toward red.  maybe one day i'll get all the way there.

be sure to head over to the modern austen and share your link.  thanks again to everyone for joining us this week!  we'll both be putting together a recap post of some of our favorite looks you all have shared this week, so if you want to link up be sure to do so before the linky tools close (you have a couple more days!).

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