08 July 2013

july 8th {gleeful}

mossimo dress {thrifted target stock}   ·   old navy blazer {thrifted}
gleeful peacock necklaces {1 & 2}   ·    dexter kylie wedges
i picked up this dress a couple weeks ago at the goodwill - usually dresses from the mossimo and xhiliartaion brands are way too short for my comfort, but i gave this one a try and was pleasantly surprised that it comes to my knees!  i definitely couldn't leave it on the shelf after it met the length test!
these necklaces are from one of my favorite small businesses based out of tulsa, ok, gleeful peacock!  every time i am in tulsa i pick up a new piece of her jewelry at a local shop but i ordered these necklaces from her online shop last month where she has a much bigger selection.  her jewelry is so delicate & whimsy and adds a perfect complement to so many of my outfits - it's not that noticeable, but i wear one of her bracelets next to my watch everyday--see a close up below!  i was looking for some simple chain necklaces to wear when a statement necklace is just too much, and i love layering these two necklaces together.
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