08 August 2013

august 8th {a liebster}

my dear friend brynn from brynnash nominated me (my blog?  i guess we're synonymous!) for the libseter award a couple months ago and because i am such a lazy blog reader, i kept marking her post as "unread" until i could devote proper time to responding to it... i hope other people can relate to that!  but since she had such good questions for her nominees i thought i would recognize her sweet gesture and answer her questions in today's post!

1. what do you like to do in your free time?
well... i read a lot, watch a lot of vampire weekend concert videos on youtube, surf the channel listings on tv and hope a good moving is playing on the hallmark channel, text my mom asking for pictures of my cats in georgia (that's musa up there), play numerous words with friends games with my aunt and dad (jeopardy for 125 points, thank you, thank you), hit up baseball games, obsess over the mustache cat on instagram, and seek out authentic chicken places in the north (come on, chick-fil-a, we need you up here!).  i think that about sums it up!

2. if you could have a dinner party with any three famous people (dead or alive), who would they be and why?
·  zac hanson - he's one-third of my favorite band i've loved for over 16 years and we've never shared a meal together, can you believe it?  plus, he could bring the beer!
· ezra koenig from vampire weekend - sometimes i think the longer that i am out of school, the less penchant i have for thinking critically.  ezra comes across as really intelligent and has such interesting things to say, not only about his band and music, but about current events and the world around him.  i admire that.
· michael emerson from lost - i honestly couldn't think of a third person so i googled "famous people" and found some list and randomly scrolled around until i landed on a name, and it was michael emerson from lost!  i actually think this is quite perfect because--if you can believe this--i never saw the last episode of lost so i have absolutely NO IDEA how it ends so he could fill me in!  

since i imagine my dinner party will not be coming to fruition any time soon, i welcome anyone to go ahead in tell me in the comments how the show ended.  i am sure i could have also done a google search about that, but please... it's like, a hundred years later and i'm still dying to know how they ever got off that damn island!

3. what is your favorite household chore and why?
i love doing laundry & ironing.  it's strangely satisfying (perhaps only to me) to let weeks of dirty clothes accumulate and then to wash them and have a fully-stocked closet again to choose from.

4. what's your favorite item of clothing that you currently own?
this has remained pretty consistent over the years... it's a tie between the merona cecila pencil skirt & my thrifted j crew lattice print skirt.

5. when you're on a road trip, what is your go-to music?
this was such a great question i worked it into a guest post for my friend jess at animated cardigan as she is away on vacation this week... head on over to her blog to read my answer!

thanks again to my dear friend brynn for recognizing my blog and giving me some talking points for today's post!

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