28 August 2013

the skirt that almost wasn't. and hanson.

charter club deja fleurs skirt {ebayed}
old navy camp shirt   ·   merona flats

august 28th / this is the skirt that almost wasn't.  every once in a while i'll search for pencil skirts on ebay, or narrow it down to printed pencil skirts or floral pencil skirts.  this one caught my eye immediately and i think i ended up using the "buy it now" option for about $14 + shipping.  even with the tracking information the seller provided, the item said it was delivered but it never wound up in my mailbox.  the seller was kind enough to refund my payment, and the next day it was in my mailbox!  maybe it got lost in the mail truck?  who even knows... i am just so thrilled it actually arrived and fits.  the floral print is so pretty and there are so many amazing colors to match with it.  i really am so happy with this skirt and was so excited to wear it.

in other news, i apologize for being absent this week - i took monday off to hang out at our state fair all day leading up to a free concert in the evening from my favorite band, hanson (yes!).  this was quite the feat, seeing as how it was in the mid 90s the entire day.  but my friends and i survived and made it back yesterday for their second show, even catching them do a couple promo interviews at media booths set up around the fair.  i've loved this band for sixteen years and every time i see a show i'm so uplifted and energized with their gift and their ability to share it with their fans.  they are so amazing.  i'll leave you with a shot from the show:

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