10 September 2013

plain + simple.

tagless button-down {thrifted}   ·   kohls belt {similar}
calvin klein skirt {thrifted / similar}    ·   predictions karmen pumps

sept 9th / i had a meeting on this day with a handful of other professionals who are involved in some way with one of my clients.  i had a feeling i would be the youngest & least practiced person in attendance so i did not want anything about my outfit to cause me to feel uncomfortable or inadequate.  this outfit is pretty plain & simple, but i think it's professional and the easy color palette helped ensure attention wouldn't be on me for any other reason than what i had to say.  since i didn't have to worry or fuss about my outfit, i was able to speak confidently about my specific role (mostly, anyway, my job is tough) in working with this client.  plus, it was about 700* degrees and i knew i needed to be comfortable on top of all of that!

i think our meeting was pretty successful and the client was also present and responsive.  i'm amazed at some of the situations my clients have had to encounter in their lives before they end up on my caseload, but i'm also pretty amazed by the will and resiliency many have to work through certain circumstances.  it feels pretty amazing that i get to be a part of that!

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