24 October 2013


converse blouse   ·   gap cardigan {thrifted}
merona skirt {ebayed}   ·   mossimo wedges

today marks day 4 of the patone-inspired fall color challenge marissa & i have been co-hosting this week.  today we should all be wearing carafe-colored clothing, right? this is one of those colors that stumped us for a while - is it brown?  olive green?  mossy green?  a combination of all three?  i knew right away that i wanted to go toward the olive green route, and this skirt was the perfect selection as in natural light, it even tends to look more brown than green.  i figured with this chameleon skirt that goes from green to brown it was the perfect selection for carafe.  i've worn it with a bunch of different colors, but this coral-pink was a new combination that i loved.

i can't wait to see how you interpreted the color "carafe" - link up below!  i'd also be interested to hear what color has been easiest for you to participate with so far this challenge or put outfits together with.  thanks for joining us!

get the look:  similar cardigan / similar white blouse / similar wedges

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