01 October 2013

neglected florals.

 merona blouse {thrifted} · j crew skirt {ebayed / similar
dexter kylie wedges {similar

oct 1st / this is one of the first blouses i ever thrifted and i remember being so excited when i found it at the goodwill because it was target stock and only $1.99. isn't it sad how the allure of new clothing items can pass so quickly? something prompted me to buy this blouse -- let's be honest, it was probably the cheap price tag -- but then i abandoned it for more cheap clothes i probably found the following week at the goodwill. as a result, i haven't even worn it once every year since i've owned it but i've hung on to it because i feel guilty re-donating something i thrifted and have only worn a couple times. does this scenario resonate with anyone else? sadly, there are many other pieces in my closet that fall into this same category. i think i need kate to challenge me to wear some neglected clothes again. 

anyway, this is a pretty simple outfit - top, bottom, shoes, that's it, but i liked how it all came together and that it didn't appear fussy with a lot of accessories. and after i wore this blouse all day i realized that i really actually kind of like it... neglected no more, let's hope!

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