16 November 2013

the interviewee.

old navy button-down   ·   xhiliration blazer {thrifted}
limited skirt {thrifted}   ·  merona milena wedges

so, yesterday i had an interview.  it's been over three years since i have interviewed so i admit that i am out of practice as evidenced by the chain of emails i had going on with my dad about discussing salaries, but i suppose i could also be out of practice with knowing what to wear.  i get kind of annoyed at the standards in place for interview wear.  maybe behind my quiet, introverted exterior is a rebel within me!?  of course it depends on the company, the position, and culture of the work environment but i don't think a black suit, white button-down, and string of pearls needs to be standard interview garb nowadays... maybe if i were interviewing to be a lawyer or for an upper-level management position? 

i tried to strike a good balance between remaining true to my personal style while ensuring i would be taken seriously with what i decided to wear.  i knew i wanted to incorporate some color and i think the skirt added some interest too despite being grounded by the black tights and black shoes.  of course, this is how my fashion-inclined mind interpreted my outfit... who knows what the interviewer thought or if she even cared what i was wearing -- it was a friday, after all, and she was wearing jeans!

what are your thoughts on interview-wear these days?  do you lean toward the traditional route or do you feel it's okay to wear anything that could be defined as "business-casual"?

get the look:  similar blazer / similar button-down / similar skirt / this season's wedges

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