24 February 2014

copy cat.

merona head-to-toe!

i wasn't going to blog today's outfit but when i was scrolling through my reader during lunch and saw my pal brynn wearing this same cardigan today i just had to blog too and link to her.  too funny!  brynn, we are in each other's heads!

it also got me thinking about these target cardigans that how many of them have such unique prints they're pretty recognizable. i stopped wearing one of my printed target cardigans at my old workplace because another employee also owned it and wore it at least very other week and i never wanted to unknowingly wear it on the same day as her!  are you funny about clothes like that if you know a coworker owns the same or similar items?  that's just kind of an awkward moment i wouldn't want to occur--but for some reason it's funny when bloggers randomly wear the same things.  i know, my life is such a cliche sometimes!

get the look: this season's cardigan /  similar skirt / similar button-down / exact flats

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