20 May 2014

catching up... and hanson.

merona blouse   ·  chaps blazer {thrifted}
banana republic slacks {via twice}
fergalicous irene pumps
in pink necklace

hi blog friends! it feels like it has been forever since i've been here or been to anyone's blogs.  i am so behind as i took thursday-monday off for my annual trip to tulsa, oklahoma where my favorite band hanson is from. they host a weekend of events for their fan club members and it's become a tradition to go almost every year.  i think it's pretty phenomenal that i've been following a band for 17 years and i still love them just as much now as i did back in 1997. their music has seen me through high school, college, a move across the country, graduate school, and continues to be such a huge part of my daily life. i feel so fortunate i can share in their story and attend these events they put on to thank us for being their fans!  and they have their own craft beer now -- how crazy is that?!

anyway, yesterday was an 11 hour car ride home so i pretty much crashed and didn't put a lot of thought into this outfit today. these slacks are from the secondhand website twice* i just recently found about and received in the mail prior to my trip and i was so glad they fit. it was so easy to throw them on with a pretty top and necklace this morning and conserve my brain power for getting back into the swing of things at work.

thanks for visiting and reading my babble about my favorite band. who is your favorite band?  do you ever travel to see them?

get the look:  this season's lace top / similar slacks / similar blazer / exact necklace / exact heels

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