10 June 2014

cropped blazer.

merona jacket 
mossimo pants & heels 
handmade by me scarf 

i probably have more items in my closet than i'd like to admit that don't fit quite right or are hard to style, but instead of giving up on them and donating them, i'm trying to be better about wearing them a few times. this jacket is one of those items. it's cropped, doesn't have standard blazer buttons, and has a scoop neck. it kind of swings open when unbuttoned and this has proven to be very hard for me to style.

it was a little cooler today so i tried it layered with a scarf and black pants.  i don't really like the effect of the tee peaking out under the hem and think it would have looked better with a higher waisted skirt but i'm glad i put together an outfit with it. i'm still not sure if it's worth keeping in my closet if it can only be worn one or two ways, but i'll give it at least another wear before i decide.

here are a couple other ways i've worn this red jacket. see how it doesn't really stay open nicely when worn unbuttoned and the collar swigs down? that kind of bugs me! i may try pinning the top part of the collar up if i wear it like this again.

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