18 June 2014

dress week: day 3

handmade (by me) dress
cl by laundry wedges   ·   target belt

it has been really fun co-hosting a dresses theme week with andi of just another smith this week!  i hope you guys have enjoyed joining us as well or have been inspired to pull on a dress this week.  sometimes dresses stump me because it seems like they should be trickier than they really area - right?  i mean, it's just one piece of fabric that you should essentially just pull on and go.  i tend to ignore that and layer like a crazy woman, but i decided to keep it simple today and just wear this dress as it is.  can you believe that i made this dress (with my mom's help of course)?!  it wasn't the easiest to make and i'll probably never be able to coerce my mom to help me make another one from the same pattern, but that just makes me love and appreciate this dress all the more.  i think it's kind of perfect for me and i was so glad i had a reason to wear it this week!

get the look:  similar dress / exact wedges / similar belt

cue the link up!

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