07 July 2014

book review: attachments

attachments by rainbow rowell

it's the age of constant connection, and the courier, a small newspaper in iowa, hires lincoln to manage their internet security.  this basically means working the night shift and monitoring email communication exchanged between coworkers.  if someone transmits an inappropriate joke or email containing vulgar or swear words, he shoots off a warning email... but most of his time is spend sitting at his desk, pining over a lost love, and wondering what the hell he's doing with his life. 

lincoln's workdays get a bit more interesting when a series of emails between beth & jennifer, two friends who work in different departments at the newspaper, begin appearing as flagged in lincoln's email security program.  he is immediately drawn into their casual & witty correspondence to one another - and and pretty soon lincoln's too far in to send them that warning email.  things get even more complicated when he finds himself falling for one of the girls and wants to continue to get to know her through her emails to her friend.

this book was so cleverly written and just FUN to read.  the chapters alternated between standard fiction prose of lincoln's character and emails exchanged between beth & jennifer.  i loved the banter between those two characters; it was so real and true - i could imagine myself chatting that way with one of my oldest, best friends.

i would definitely recommend this book if you're looking for a sweet, engaging read, if you like to root for underdogs... and if you've ever wondered if there's anyone out there really reading your emails at work (i'm sure there is.  but is he as cute as lincoln?!). 

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