10 September 2014

polka dot initiation.

 j crew factory draped novelty top in polka dot {thrifted}
j crew factory pencil skirt in double-serge wool
chaps blazer {thrifted}  ·   cl laundry irresistible bol wedges

if it looks like i have a lot of j crew in my wardrobe it's honesty probably 90% thrifted. i'm always pleasantly surprised when i find j crew at the goodwill just because it's a high value brand whose normal asking price is way out of my budget but whose designs i really love, especially j crew factory these days.  i had some time to kill last week so i dropped off some donations at the goodwill and of course i had to browse around afterwards.  i put the 25% coupon they gave me when i donated to use right away on this blouse, making it $5.24. not too bad!  

anyway, if you've been a long-time reader of mine you may notice that i never wear polka dots.  it is probably blogger blasphemy of me to say this, but it's just not a pattern i gravitate toward.  however, for this price i was willing to let the goodwill initiate me into polka dots.  plus, the blouse fits all of the requirements of those i want to add to my closet these days - short sleeves and a looser drape.  i'm pretty satisfied with the purchase, and i'm even happier with myself that it's the only thing i walked out of the goodwill with!

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