18 September 2014

wedge boots, please.

j crew factory clare pullover   ·   talbots painterly skirt
merona kalama booties

you guys, i just need you to tell me whether or not i can pull of the wedge bootie look. i want to love these shoes and i'm always (seriously, always) tempted by the toms version until i remind myself i have this perfectly good dupe pair, but i still feel silly when i wear them. maybe it's finding the right outfit combo that they "go" with or maybe it's just wearing them regardless because i like them. i'm not sure. i guess fashion is all about wearing what you like with confidence and not wishing that your calves were slimmer or legs were tanner or what-ever... and i guess i think i achieved that. so... i guess i don't need your help after all!  heh... kidding.  what is the last thing you wore that you felt you just needed to confidently go for?

get the look:  exact sweater / similar skirt / similar booties

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