28 October 2014

gray & mint.

old navy embellished sweater
cabi jordan almond pencil skirt {thrifted}
dexter claire flats   ·   simonson's jewelry necklace

this is an outfit i have had hung up in my closet waiting to wear for weeks.  i never thought i would be complaining about true fall weather (60s-70s) but it's prevented me from wearing tights lately.  i'm glad we had a cooler day today so i could wear this outfit as i imagined it.  i thrifted this skirt back in july but haven't worn it yet.  i know some people choose not to wear certain colors during certain parts of the year and one may think mint is a spring/summer color, but i kind of think any color can be worn year-round depending on what you pair with it.  anyway, i'm more open minded about permanent tights weather because it opens up my closet so much.  i definitely have more skirts than dress pants and i am sick of rotating through the same few pairs of pants that fit... so hopefully this outfit will inspire a shift in my dressing the rest of the week.  thanks for visiting!

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