07 October 2014

hey, tights.

j crew factory eyelet front blouse
merona doubleweave skirt {via thredup*}
merona madeline flats
target gold circle necklace

it's reached the time of year where i live where pretty much anything goes. the morning temp when i leave for work may be in the low 40s but it has been getting up to at least 60 by mid afternoon when i'm heading home.  my rule for wearing tights is usually if the high is 55-60 degrees of lower, so even though i would have felt comfortable in bare legs today i opted for tights. i'm so visible at my work (a nursing home) that i really have to think about what i wear based on the comments i feel like potentially receiving from my residents. and honestly, i don't always like the comments directed toward me or the way i'm dressed - yes, even in an outfit like this - by male residents that verges on uncomfortable flirtation.  i thought switching over to tights would solve that, but not always.  

i wonder if anyone else encounters this issue based on the individuals they work with or see on a daily basis... like maybe teachers or professionals in a school setting who are around hormonal teenage boys all the time?  i don't even know.  do you alter the way you would like to dress to prevent any time of comments at all about what you are wearing or do you have crafted statements you respond back with that stop the comments?

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