03 November 2014

layer up!

old navy plaid flannel shirt   ·   merona turtleneck
old navy bootcut sweetheart jeans   ·   old navy quilted vest
mossimo kiriana boots

when you live in a part of the world that experiences winter, you learn how to layer up to withstand the cold.  i used to think turtlenecks were so silly, but i've come to take advantage of wearing them from time to time each winter for extra warmth.  even though my arms are mostly bare, the turtleneck acted like a base layer underneath the flannel, and the quilted vest kept my core warm enough for an afternoon out for free sandwiches and fro-yo this past weekend when it was about 40 degrees.  my twin sister and i have a birthday this week (friday!) and the freebie offers have already started rolling into our email inboxes, so i have a feeling we'll be eating and shopping pretty good this week!

get the look:  exact shirt / exact vest / exact jeans / simlar turtle-neck / similar boots

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